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Porcelain Bullnose / Listello

Bullnose gives a really smooth look to the floor. It is equally useful in bathrooms, accessories, backsplashes. It is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful natural stones available in the market. It incorporates all the qualities that is found in the natural stones. To name a few items – are Pietra Calacatta 2 in. x 2 in. Ivory Porcelain mosaic Tile,2X2 CALACATTA PORCELAIN MOSAIC, 2 x 2 Matte Beige Glazed Porcelain Matte Mosaic Tile, Statuario 2 in.x 2 in.Hexagon Matte Porcelain Mosaic Tile etc. Pietra Onyx Crystal 3 in. x 18 in. Porcelain Bullnose Wall Tile,Onyx 3 in. x 18 in. Sand Porcelain Bullnose Wall Tile, .Lagos Azul 3 in. x 18 in. Porcelain Bullnose Wall Tile

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