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Marble Tile

Marble Tile

The history of marble tiles is very rich and can be traced back to the roman times. It was once a property of the rich and the powerful. But now it has found it’s way into the modern household. It’s a precious building material and some of the world’s greatest sculptures and monuments are made of marble tiles.

They are extracted and processed from limestone after undergoing through years of change. Each marble offers unique veining and color range. Marble tiles are graceful and they are known for their enduring nature. The popularity of white marble has made it a popular choice for bathroom interiors. It’s presence in backsplash and kitchen floors adds elegance. The various categories available are Calacatta Gold, Carrara White, Dark Emperador, Crema Marfil. You can choose your desired color from blue, silver, pink and multicolors.

Marble tiles are known for their great finish. It becomes glossy after it is exposed to light. This makes it smooth and gentle to the touch of hand. You have to be careful though with the use of marble. Because it is prone to humidity, it has to be treated with certain delicacy. You need to wipe clean the stains on a regular basis. With a little attention, marble tiles can definitely be managed. Regular grinding can be helpful to keep the tiles in a good condition. But too much grinding can ruin the polish.

To make your home interior a showpiece, you have to use marble tiles. Although, the maintenance might be troubling but in the end it is totally worth the effort. 

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