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Free Shipping Details

Free Shipping Conditions

We have worked tirelessly with our shipping carriers to bring you free shipping offer provided some conditions are met

So what are the conditions:

1.  How far are you from our warehouse?

Free shipping depends on how far we have to ship. Go to the item detail page and on the free shipping truck logo and find where the item ships from.

We mainly ship from two locations. Anaheim, CA and Newark, NJ. At this time, we are offering free shipping to about 20 neighboring states from our two main shipping warehouses located in NJ and CA. So please look at our chart below which shows which states are covered under our free shipping offer.

Free shipping

Pay $100 in shipping cost for your whole order shipping from


Sometimes we have stockout issues so if an item is showing stock both in NJ as well as CA and we happen to be out of stock in a warehouse closer to you, we will not ship free from the farther warehouse. For example, if you are in NY state and we are showing item location both in NJ and CA on the description page but it so happens that item is out of stock in NJ and do have stock in CA, shipping will not be free to bring it from CA warehouse.

2.  Meet minimum dollar purchase requirement!

Your order total dollar value must meet the minimum purchase dollar amount which we shows on the free shipping truck logo, examples are $2000, $3000 etc.

3.  Pickup your order!

You must be willing to pick up your order at the trucking terminal near you. Click Here to see the list (link missing) of nearest trucking terminals. Please make sure that you have a vehicle big enough to carry the pallet/crate from the trucking terminal to your location. Please note that you must present valid ID at the time of pickup at the trucking terminal and ID must have the same billing address as it is on your order. No order will be released if you dont have the valid ID with the matching billing address. We can also ship free to business addresses (it cannot be working from home), but you must have a forklift or dock to unload from the truck. If equipment is not available, we can provide that for an additional charge however shipping will still be free.

Want residential Delivery?

In case you are not able to pick up your order at the trucking terminal, we can ship it to your residential address as well. Shipping will still be free to your State but residential and liftgate (unloading) surcharge would apply to your delivery. Usually ranges between $100-$250 depending on the size of your order.

What's not covered in our free shipping offer

If the item is out of stock at the said warehouse, customer can either choose to pay shipping cost from the other warehouse or ask for refund. Zip Codes that are on an islands are not covered under free shipping. For example Nantucket or Martha's vineyard are located in our free shipping state of MA but they are on an island hence do not qualify for our free shipping offer. Secondly, if the item does not show a free shipping logo on the product description page, it is not covered under our free shipping offer.